Sweet Sweden

25-27/01/19 The second weekend Checking List: Country NO. 1- Sweden My host family invited me to visit their lovely summer house in Hemsjö, Sweden during my second weekend and we started off on Friday afternoon around 4:30p. It took us around 2.5 hours to get there. At that time, 6pm feels like 11p in Ohio. … Continue reading Sweet Sweden

Fødselsdag 2/1- 21

Lagkage (Layer cake) with 21 🇩🇰 made by Charlotte It was my birthday today! Feb. 01 21 years ago (1998)... It was the fifth day of the year 1998 according to the lunar calendar when I was born. The fifth day of a new year is also believed to be the birthday of the God … Continue reading Fødselsdag 2/1- 21