Danish Artist-Asger Jorn

Choosing Asger Jorn (1914-1973) and his contribution as the subject matter in my final paper for European Art was not random: Jorn was an illustrious Danish painter, and his contributions toward the Situationist International (SI) in particular, interested me the most. me with Asger Jorn "Joyous Journey" in my host's living room During my first … Continue reading Danish Artist-Asger Jorn


spotify:track:5vjLSffimiIP26QG5WcN2K I can't believe my time in Denmark was slipped away so quickly. Last night, my submission of last paper officially marked off my junior year. Two days ago, I flew back home from Denmark. It was just too soon, too hard to say goodbye- to my host family, to my friends, to DIS, and … Continue reading VI SES, DANMARK