Strike? Strike


Strikes can sometimes lead to bad consequences on more or less everyone in the area. I just had a crazy day yesterday not because it was April Fools, but because of a strike.

(I am no longer in Nice, France… But the posts will come out soon I promise)

There was a strike from early morning to the afternoon by the DSB train drivers yesterday. As a result, all the trains in Zealand- including S-trains and regional trains and trains in some other areas in Denmark were cancelled. Even though was warned by my host and received an email from my Danish professor, I still did not make it to my Danish class last morning.

It was really crazy.

I think I walked just too much during past week in Nice and my ankle hurts a bit, I left home early a bit to catch a bus, to try to make a connection at the town center to catch another one to Copenhagen where my school is located- At least it was my plan. I made it to the first bus without any trouble. However, when I just about to get off from that bus, I noticed there were just so many people (around 20ish people) at the bus stop, I bet they were all waiting for the only bus we can take to the city. I actually doubted if all the people at that stop can fit in one bus, and the truth was the bus did not even stop because it was already full…

I watched the time and the bus schedule, it was already too late. The next bus would be in another 30 min, and I would definitely miss my first class. I only have two classes today, after Danish it is psychology. I was in two minds as to what to do next, should I just go back home, or should I still go to school for that class. Thinking about it could be really a big problem again how to get back after my class, but on the other hand, I did not want to miss the class. (I ended up going of course..)

But I did not want to wait at that stop with 20+ “competitors”, I figured I would never get on the bus unless I take the bus at the starting point. So I took a bus the opposite direction and got off at the terminal station (It was not the same bus, but the same terminal). There was still ten minutes till the next bus, it was not too bad I thought. Finally the bus came and I thought I could finally go to the city. However, the bus driver did not allow any of us got on to the bus. The bus left directly after people got off which made sense: if all the people from the starting point got on the bus, other people from later stops would never ever get any chance to go. We had no choice but to wait another 30 mins for another bus… Finally this time, the driver let us on. The bus was almost full after all the people at the terminal station got on the bus, but I still managed to get a seat. The bus skipped almost all the stops, until someone hit the stop button. I saw there were around 35 people at the original stop where I was supposed to get on, but of course, the driver did not stop there this time as well. I felt sad for them, as some of them had already been waiting for more than an hour, but they had no choice.

Initially I heard the strike was from 6-10a, but then I checked, it was said that the train was cancelled till 8p. But hopefully, some of the trains started to operate later afternoon. Luckily, I was able to go back home by train.

It was really a bizarre day, everything was in a hustle, every one was waiting for a bus if not driving. But even driving, the traffic was too heavy so it also took longer to get to the destination.


I have mixed feelings on strikes. On the one hand, it might be a radical but effective way for employees and managers to negotiate, but on the other hand, it could be harmful for both the individual themselves, and for the entire economy. People might not be get paid for the time they were striking, so it could be bad for themselves not getting money. Travelers, workers and other people might get late for a flight, for an important meeting or something like that. If the strikes turn out to be worse, it may cause longer term or more significant negative impacts on regional economics as well as personal overall qualities of life. Hope it will be better for the upcoming days.

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