nice NICE- Day 1

Country checklist- No.4 France 🇫🇷

City checklist- Nice, south of France

THURSDAY March 28, 2019

nice time to land, nice time to watch the sunset, nice time to start my nice Nice trip

It is my first time here in France, I chose Nice as my first city in France not only because the name sounds nice. I learned about this city through the eyes of art, from the perspectives of Henry Matisse, March Chagall and other Fauvists, from the wild brush work and straight colors (Fauvism).

I arrived at Nice airport late evening around 6:30 last night. (I had a layover in Frankfurt, what a serendipity, I travelled to Nice on the same plane with the same crew, and I sat in the same row..)

I booked my room through Airbnb. I live with a very nice family. My bedroom is a playroom for the kids (2 little girls and 1 little boy)- a lot of board games on the shelfs and other toys. It is also an attic, so the warm and friendly sun shines through the big roof window and wakes me up every morning, and the first thing I see is the beautiful blue Nice sky.

I also booked a walking tour (and more) in Airbnb. I did not know Airbnb provides these kinds of Experiences before (they have different things like photo shooting, concerts, classes, wine tasting etc. which I will talk about later), and this walking tour was my first experience. Honestly I was a little bit afraid before the tour, I mean it was all new to me…

I got up around 8:00a, (Actually I woke up around 7a, cuz of jetlag– LOL JK, unfortunately there’s no time difference between Denmark and France, and I stayed in bed for one more hour trying to catch up with everything on the phone.) It was just the time for kids to go to school. The boy goes to a music school, and it is a bit further away so his mom drives him to school. The two girls go to the school which is only five minutes away, so I decided to walk with them to see how their school looks like (One in kindergarden and the other is in primary school, but I think it is the same school just separated buildings I guess.)

I was kinda hungry after that, and there was still some time left till the walking tour (started at 11a), so I decided to go to the city center to have a brunch or something near the meeting point for the walking tour. It took me some time to the center, the bus schedule was a little difficult, there’s no transit direction on apple map, and the time schedule on google map was not accurate. I walked the most of the way until I saw tramway. I hopped on the tram- there’s only one in the heart of city right now, so I figured the tram should take me to the old town no matter what – I also know the general direction, so I didn’t need to worry about going the wrong direction. But i still checked the map to see which stop should I get off, and where to go after the tram.

I also asked google what are the top 10 places to have brunch in Nice, and decided to go to the second one as TripAdvisor advised. The restaurant is on the side of the Cours Saleya market- A farmer’s market in the old town opens every morning. It is a busy market with lots of different products such as veggies, fruits, seafood, spices, artworks, handmade objects… But in the restaurant, I ordered their brunch set with contains 6 pancakes, ham/sausage, a hot drink and orange juice. I mean honestly it is not the best brunch I had and certainly overrated in TripAdvisor in my opinion. (Later the tour guide told me that the restaurants there near the markets are all tourist-focused, like seldom a local would eat there, which totally makes sense. BUT There are some restaurants and places in the old town he recommended.)


SO, if you would love to know what happened during the walking tour, and how did I spend my rest of the day, feel free to subscribe my post by putting your email address below 🙂


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