Sweet Sweden

25-27/01/19 The second weekend

Checking List: Country NO. 1- Sweden

My host family invited me to visit their lovely summer house in Hemsjö, Sweden during my second weekend and we started off on Friday afternoon around 4:30p. It took us around 2.5 hours to get there. At that time, 6pm feels like 11p in Ohio.

Before I came up with a better name for this post (if any), I will stick with Sweet Sweden. Not only because both of the words start with [Swe], but also the following reasons.

Reason 1 – (Sweet) Candy

Candy section in EKO (1/3 part of)

On the way to Sweden, I tried liquorice, it reminded me of Salty kumquat (咸金棗 or aka rat doo doo -老鼠屎 cuz it’s round-like black small thing), but the taste of liquorice is actually wayyyyyyy stronger than the salty kumquat.

The whole candy section reminded me of my time when I was in China. One of my favorite things to do when I was little was to grab a plastic bag and then “pour” my fav candies or snacks into the bag. I really love this way of shopping- try different kinds without buying whole bags of the same thing. And the candy in Sweden is extremely cheap (like 4.3 USD for 1kg??)

The overview of the candy section by EKO

When dream comes true

Reason 2 – (Sweet) House

Outside view of the summer house
Evidence 1- some cuties “invaded” the yard.
Evidence 2- did they have a nice party?

This is the summer house my host family would normally go once a while in Sweden. The house is super nice with great views and also hyggeligt decoration inside. It is located in Hemsjö, a serene place surrounded by forests and river Mörumsån. There is also an abandoned railway track in front of the house documenting the life of the area (Track for trains vs Track for someone’s cross-country skiing [Chuckle] ).

Reason 3 – (Sweet) Walk

That Saturday, we had a refreshing and sweet (maybe sweaty) walk around the river and in the woods.

Road with snow-covered. did not really see snow in Copenhagen tho.
Even though Denmark and Sweden are neighbors, the weather is rather different.
A selfie with my host family (SONY a5100)

The river is called Mörumsån, there are two hydropower productions not so far from the house. They were built in late 19th- and early 20th century. Other than that, the river is also a very important reproduction site for Baltic salmon and sea trout. It has been estimated that smolt production in the river constitutes nearly 50 % of total smolt production in the rivers around the southern Baltic Sea.

Where the river did not freeze

Reason 4 – (Sweet) Town

My host fam also took me to the town near the coast called Karlshamn (meaning “Karl’s Port”). It was named after the Swedish king called Karl X Gustav who built the town in 1664.

Since it was Saturday, only a few people were in the street (the main street is definitely longer than the street in Granville, OH haha). But the nail salon in the town was apparently the most popular place to go for the locals.

Carl Gustafs Kyrka- a church built in 1693
Main street in Karlshamn
I love the architecture, and the color is seldom seen in Denmark.

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