Seven Days Till Departure

Jan. 5, 2019.

The fifth day of the new year of 2019.

The last Saturday (7 days) before my departure to Copenhagen, Denmark.


Memories from my childhood

Jodi Benson- Part of Your World (From “The Little Mermaid”) –

Denmark – the Fairytale Kingdom

1998 – childhood

When I was little, I had the very first impression of Denmark- The Fairytale Kingdom through Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales and stories. “The Emperor’s New Clothes”, “The Nightingale”, “The Ugly Duckling”, “The Little Match Girl”, “Thumbelina” etc. are amongst my favorite stories from Andersen. Den lille havfrue (“The Little Mermaid”) was the piece my mom loved the most reading to me during the nights. Sometimes, I could even dream about swimming in the deepest ocean and playing with the mermaids.

The fairy tales I read or my mom read to me when I was young.
Andersen’s fairy tale books in Chinese (3 volumes)

Denmark – Sustainability and Environment


Shanghai World Expo was successfully held in 2010. From there, Denmark showed her charming aspects in front of the audience.

Fun Fact:
Even though I visited the Expo 10+ times and almost all the pavilions
the ONLY soveniour I bought was this...👇

The 2010 Shanghai Expo helped me learn about Denmark in a more realistic aspect. I still remember that the pavilion was a big loop on which the visitors can ride around on a bike available at the entrance, representing the actual urban life in Denmark. From then, I learned Denmark’s sustainability and effort on achieving economic growth and building a green society hand in hand.

What’s next

Denmark – Here I come

2019, DIS Copenhagen, Denmark

I am a junior student double major in Psychology and Global Commerce, minor in Art History at Denison University, a liberal arts college located in Granville, OH.

I will be studying in DIS Copenhagen for SPRING 2019 (I am leaving on 1/12/2019 directly from Shanghai, China to Copenhagen, Denmark!!!!!!!!)

My core course is European Clinical Psychology, and besides that, I will take a Danish Language and Culture class, an art history class European Art of the 20th Century: From Expressionism to Post-War Art, and two financial/market class: International Financial Management and International Mergers and Acquisitions.

Currently enrolled courses

Besides taking courses, spending time with my host family (YAYAY, for sure talk more about it upon their permission), I will also seize this great opportunity to travel around Europe. My checklist includes Italy, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Romania, Belgium, Czech Republic… (Let’s see how many countries I am able to get around :P)


Here’s a list of topics I want to write about for this blog, LMK if you have anything else you are interested in and I can talk about 🙂

  1. COURSES in DIS. Fun things, interesting points draw from courses…
  2. HOMESTAY LIFE and life in general. It is my first time doing homestay as well as living in Europe, and I will record my life with my host family.
  3. FOOD in Copenhagen/Europe.
  4. TRAVEL. I do have some breaks and weekends I can go somewhere in Europe… I enjoy visiting museums and wild places (lol) so give me recommendations haha
  5. Anything else I can think of later or upon suggestions!!!


and I will see you in DENMARK!

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YAY, you made it!

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