MUSEET- Louisiana (1)

2/2 Louisiana Museum of Modern Art// Cecily Brown// Where, When, How Often and With Whom// Cecily Brown is a British painter living in NYC for years, her artwork combines figurative and abstract styles...


Fødselsdag 2/1- 21

Lagkage (Layer cake) with 21 🇩🇰 made by Charlotte It was my birthday today! Feb. 01 21 years ago (1998)... It was the fifth day of the year 1998 according to the lunar calendar when I was born. The fifth day of a new year is also believed to be the birthday of the God … Continue reading Fødselsdag 2/1- 21

Seven Days Till Departure

Jan. 5, 2019. The fifth day of the new year of 2019. The last Saturday (7 days) before my departure to Copenhagen, Denmark. Excited!!! Memories from my childhood Jodi Benson- Part of Your World (From "The Little Mermaid") -DisneyMusicVEVO Denmark - the Fairytale Kingdom 1998 - childhood When I was little, I had the … Continue reading Seven Days Till Departure